8 November 2012

Hii everyone..
just wanted to let you all know that we didn’t have our 3rd degree this last Tuesday, but we will be doing it on Tuesday the 13th instead..Our candidate’s Grandfather (who is also a mason) will be there..Our sitting Master Luke thanked everyone who was at the meeting for his year as Master..He is off for work as “Santa”, so please keep him in good thoughts thru this season..
Hope to see as many of the Brethren on Tuesday the 13th as we can..



17 October 2012

Hello to all the Brothers and friends out there..I just wanted to stop in and let you know how things have been going as of late..
1. Brother Mike Lambkin is doing well and we have secured a van w/ a lift for his chair..There are a few things that will probably need to get fixed, so if you would like to help out by donating some time or money it would be helpful…
2. Brother Luke Acord is down doing the “Big Muddy River Rendezvous” down at Prairie Island..if you get some time I would suggest to trip out and see all the reenactments..
and last but not least
3. We will be putting on the 3rd degree on Nov. 6th at the lodge..

That’s all this one has for now..
Have a great day


Meetering from Sept. 4th

6 September 2012

We are back to our first meeting back, it was nice to see the Brethren in Lodge.. many things were discussed and a new petition was read..We will be having a vote and doing degree work on the 18th for 2-3 candidates..


Lates news from our Brother

6 September 2012

Hello hello hello…It’s me again, with word from our Brother Mike Lambkin..
( Let me start by saying that this one is sorry for the laps in posting as of late..Things in life just got heck-tick as of late..)
He has been moved out of Gunderson Lutheran to a rehab center..He is now at St. Joesph Rehab Center Rm. 102 on East Ave. ( just a few blocks down from GL ) in La Cross..The number to call him is (608) 788.9870..I do encourage every and all friends and Brothers to visit him if you can..


From the Masters chair…

23 August 2012

To all friends and Brothers,
As you have read over the last few months we have a Brother who is in need of our help..He has given the Grand Hailing sign of distress and would like to ask all friends and Brothers for their assistance..(may it be financial or spiritual)
Please send all cards or letters to – Winona Lodge #18 255 Main St. Winona Mn 55987 *in care of Brother Mike Lambkin..

Forever your servant,
W.M. Luke Acord


Latest from your man on the streets…

17 August 2012

Well my friends this might be the last report of our Brother Mike from the hospital..
He is getting released on Tues. the 21st and things have been kinda rough for him and the family this past week..But he is keeping up in spirit..I encourage everyone who can get over to see him to do so…
This guy will keep everyone up on where he is getting moved to..



1 August 2012

Yes my friends it’s time once again…..
This weeks visit with Brother Mike was again inspirational..He is dong better and better every time I get over to see him..This time I was shown one of the chairs me may be getting sent home with..It’s real nice and even has a wheelie bar (so he doesn’t fall backwards), and was told about the power chair that he gets to use (in his words “get to test to the MAX”)..He new release date is the 21st of Aug..If this changes again I will put it up as soon as I know..
The look on his face every time I go to see him is worth the drive..
I encourage everyone to stop in and say “Hii”


Hii everybody

25 July 2012

Hello to all you boys and girls out there…Yes it is time once again time for a update on our Brother Mike Lambkin.. :-)

Let me start by saying that it was GREAT to see him with a smile on his face.. Mike even got to show off for this kidd when he stooped in for a visit.. He showed he how much he has improved, by sitting up on his own.. I even got to help ( I played anchor ).. He told me that he has started to push himself around in a roller chair.. He also informed me that he will be trying to get on the computer to check out all the FB stuff and to possibly leave a message for everyone so keep checking back
Even tho my visit was short it was well worth the trip over to see him..I encourage everyone who can get over there to stop in and say “Hii”


This just in….

20 July 2012

Join the team at S.W.A.T., in conjunction with Red Wing Masonic Lodge #8, for our inaugural “Cutting for a Cause” event.

One hundred percent of the proceeds accrued during the event will go to the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota in loving memory of Neil George Youngs.

Advancing knowledge, enhancing care is the mission of the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota. The Masonic Cancer Center fosters this mission by creating a collaborative research environment focused on the causes, prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer; applying that knowledge to improve quality of life for patients and survivors; and sharing its discoveries with other scientists, students, professionals, and the community.

The crew of S.W.A.T. ~ Salon With a Twist, under the leadership of owner Alison Youngs, is excited to dedicate their time towards such a worthy cause. We look forward to seeing you there!


In Loving Memory…

14 July 2012

Sad News my Brothers and Fellows..
Our friend and Brother Donald L. Stone passed away on Tuesday July 10th with his loving wife Carol at his side..Donald was born on Dec. 1st 1928, and lived a long and full life..
There will be a Masonic service for Donald on Thursday the 19th at 7pm..The service will be had at Fawcett-Junker funeral home in Winona..
All who can make for support are welcome..

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