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March meetering

Well now that the snow has come and the birds are out, I will jut turn it over to our W.Master Josh H. and S.Warden Scott B.

W.Master Josh~
I didn’t have anything perpaired for this week..So the meeting went smooth and I shall have something for all of you next time..

Brother Scott ~
Well March is now upon us..What is that old saying, “In like a lion out like a lamb”.. I’m looking forward to getting the year off with a few soon to be Brethern..
I would like to say that I will be thinking of all of you when I’m in Cancun next week..And don’t worry I will be back in time for the 1st degree, which is secheduled for March 19th..I was also informed along with the degree we will also be doing “Chill” and “Oyster” be forwarned ..I might not be moving to fast, for i have surgery earlier that day..

the next Fundraiser will be for the Winona area food shelf..



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