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2013 is now open

5 February 2013

First meeting was a good one..We opened a new lodge of sorrows and with luck no names shall be added to it this year..

I have a new thing I’m going to try out..The Master and Senior Warden are going to give you something in there words…So

without further wait:

From our Senior Warden – Scott,

I’m so very proud to be the S. Warden this year and think that its going to be a great year..We had our 1st fundraiser for the

“Goose Bump Jump” which will be on Feb. 9th..We raised $4765.00 for the Winona Park & Rec…I’m going to work on my next

fundraiser ( hopefully for May ) it shall be a “Whisky & Cigar tasting” more details to come..


From the Master – Josh,

Now that we have raised  the  money for the “Bump Jump” we shall have to be ready to get in that cold water..The weather is going

to be good for the day ( fingers crossed )I believe there is to be 3-5 of us jumping and we would love to see as many people out

there as possible..I believe that we are heading into a great new year with many new things to come like a mentoring program..There

many even be some volunteer thing to come..Hope to you in lodge..





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